6 Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

Posted on July 19, 2016, 8:45 pm
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As I was coming home from college today, it was great to see so many people out walking their dogs but did you know walking your dog in extreme temperatures on a hot pavement can quickly lead to dehydration? When I looked down at my temperature gauge in the car, it read 25 °, that is way too warm to be walking your dog in. Dogs with heavier coats like Huskies find it extra hot, these kinda dogs need to be walked in the evening when temperatures have cooled down.

In the wild canids would find shade under a bush and dig a hole to get down to the cooler earth. If you come home from work and you have a couple of dig holes in your garden, it’s your dog’s way of trying cooling down. Dogs cool themselves down by panting; this helps reduce their temperature and they also have some sweat glands on their feet so stay away from hot paths during the day.

Dehydration Signs: Panting, bloodshot eyes, lethargic, sunken eyes, dry mouth, loss of appetite.


Keep Them Hydrated

Make sure you leave out plenty of water both indoor and outdoors when your pet is unattended. Dog water fountains are becoming more popular now and encourage your dog to drink more as well as offering purer filtered water. As with all electrical devices, I would not recommend leaving these plugged in unattended. There are a huge amount of products on the market now that allow you to bring extra water with you on walks or jogging trips. Also, when out walking or jogging try and bring them on a walk along a river or stream so they can jump in a cool off if they need to.

Go Swimming

The Irish/Celtic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean are always cold so it’s guaranteed to cool your dog down. At home, a blow-up pool for your dog will give them hours of entertainment as well as keep them cool. You can play fetch with floating freebies and balls that will add to your fun.


dog swimming

Frozen Treats

Make some treats…there are lots and lots of recipes to be found on the internet. From frozen ice cubes to popsicles which are a great treat for your pet and because you are making them you know exactly what is in them.


If you have a dog that has a lighter shade of coat then it is important you protect their ears and nose with sun cream. You can pick up dog sun cream from most pet retailers, I would recommend a high factor but if you are in doubt then check with your vet.


Place a couple of ice cubes in your dog’s water bowl, you can also add small pieces of strawberry, peaches, watermelon, blueberries as an extra a little treat for your dog. Also, when you are out walking try place some ice cubes in their water bottle to keep the water colder for longer.


ice bowl

Cooling Mats

Cooling Mats works by simply providing a surface that, upon contact, feels cooler to your pet than their body. You do not need to refrigerate them or keep them in a freezer. The gel inside is activated by movement and is harmless to you pet if they decide to chew on it. Depending on your dog’s size they can cost between €9 and €50. has this one in stock Zooplus.ie


Please, please do not leave you dog in your car for any length of time – even in the shade. It only takes a few minutes for your dog to overheat and die. If you do spot a dog left in a car, call your local police station or animal charity for help.


How do you keep your pet cool? Comment below I would love to hear from you .





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