African Wild Dogs

Posted on June 25, 2016, 6:00 pm
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African wild dogs are highly intelligent and social animals that live in the open Savannah’s of the African Plains. Even though they resemble domestic dogs; the main difference is that the African wild dog has four toes on each foot instead of five like domestic dogs.
They hunt in packs mainly feeding of gazelle, wildebeest calves, warthogs and even small birds and rats and in most packs, they are dominated by one breeding pair. The female only gives birth once a year, but her litter average is about 10 pups, although records have shown females have given birth to 19 pups.Normally twice as many males are born as females tend to leave the pack when they are sexually mature.

Only when a litter is born, wild dogs stay in one place otherwise, they are constantly on the move over the Serengeti.

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