Gardaí Seize 14 Dogs At Dublin Port

Posted on August 04, 2016, 8:03 pm
42 secs

Gardai stopped a car yesterday at Dublin Port and when they looked inside the boot of the car they came across 14 small puppies in two small metal boxes. All 14 dogs (mixed breeds) had NO access to fresh air or water, what kind of person does that? This is cruelty of the highest order.

All the puppies were seized by the Gardai after no documentation could be produced and the puppies were brought to Store Street Garda Station, then surrendered to the D.S.P.C.A

All the pups will go through a health check and only when they get the all clear, will they be available for adoption.

Ireland is completely out of control when it comes to puppy farms, we are way over populated with dogs. We desperately need some sort of regulated system that only allows a certain amount of dogs to be bred in this country every year until the pounds and shelters are empty.


Gardai with rescued puppies in DSPCA van


Well done to all involved in this rescue and keep up the good work stopping these horrible people. These pups are going to have such a better life.




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